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Jasmonic Acid

Jasmonic Acid

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Function Of Jasmonic Acid :

1. It is a Synthetic Plant growth regulator, similar in structure to Jasmonic acid, a natural plant regulator commonly found in vascular plants, with the same function and similar action pattern and harmless to the environment.
2. It can promote the synthesis of endogenous S-ABA inducers, promote ethylene production and promote fruit ripening.
3. It can catalyze the synthesis of anthocyanidin and carotene, enhance the accumulation of anthocyanidin and improve the antioxidant capacity of fruits.
4. It can induce the expression of plant resistance genes, arouse the active defense of plants and enhance their resistance to adversity.

Function Characteristics

1. Can increase the grape ear, grain weight and soluble solid content and promote the color of fruit surface.
2. It can promote healthy ripening of apples, perfect coloring and effectively improve fruit quality.
3. Improve cold and drought resistance and antiviral ability of wheat, maize and rice.
4. It can be mixed with micro fertilizer and potash fertilizer and mixed with brassica to reduce the amount and increase the efficiency
5. After Jasmonic treatment, the content of anthocyanidin in fruit increased significantly, which promoted coloring and early fruit ripening.

Packaging Size

Packaging Size

     HDPE Bags

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  • 200 gm
  • 500 gm
  • 1 kg
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  • 5 kg
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  • 20 kg
  • 50 kg

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